Holiday Scents at The Candle Lab


With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to check out the new holiday scents at The Candle Lab. This year the holiday lineup includes several fragrances, according to Abbey Meyer, store manager at the Worthington location. Among them is the never-before-released Christmas Ale, which smells like a mix of spices, cloves, cinnamon, malt and hops. Others are back by popular demand, including:

  • Christmas Tree: their most popular Christmas scent; also available as a room spray
  • Mistletoe: a piney, earthy fragrance
  • First Snow: pine + peppermint
  • Peppermint Bark: white chocolate + peppermint
  • White Christmas: a pine and frankincense-type scent with an incense hint to it
  • Wassail: holiday punch
  • Candy Cane: the peppermint kind
  • Gingerbread: a ginger, honey and molasses holiday favorite
  • Frankincense: sweet, warm, balsamic aroma

If you’ve never been to The Candle Lab, now is the time. With the new fall and holiday scents on the shelves, the popular fragrance brand has about 120 fragrances to choose from, up from the usual 110. The four Columbus stores, including the Worthington location, offer hand-poured candles you can buy off the shelf, pour-your-own scented candles, customizable home fragrance products, small-batch natural bath and body products and items made by Columbus artists and designers.

When it comes to candles, everyone has a preference. “Some people prefer to buy off the shelf, while others want special fragrances for people as gifts,” Abbey said. “They think it is more personal to mix two or three of our scents and run them together to make their own.” Some people just love the idea of a candle-making party. It's a popular option this time of the year, especially for holiday and corporate events or Girls Night Out.

Whether you’re buying off the shelf or making your own, this is a great place to be during the holidays. “There is no better job than making candles at Christmas time,” Abbey said. “Everyone is in a good mood and thinking about other people. And with all the holiday decorations in Downtown Worthington, it’s hard not to be in the holiday spirit.”

If you’re fired up to make or buy some candles, but you’re stumped on which fragrance to choose, fear not. This year for the first time ever, The Candle Lab is sharing staff picks. Abbey will be mixing rosemary, autumn leaves and cranberry, which she said is a combination of all her favorite things about the season. In case you were wondering, cranberry is her favorite candle Candle Lab 1-3-12_0045scent. “It’s not a holiday scent, but it certainly could be,” she said. “It’s spicy, sweet, warm and fruity.