Bon Voyage Griswold-Style


Several Worthington travelers recently crossed the Panama Canal off their bucket list. It happened in late January when 94 people from around Columbus joined the Griswold Center for a 15-night cruise that included a trip through this famous passageway. Mary Kay Scott, recreation supervisor senior for the Griswold Center, which is part of the City of Worthington Department of Parks & Recreation, led the trip. "Because the Panama Canal is a bucket-list item for so many people, the trip sold out quickly," she said.

The travelers departed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and made stops in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Antigua and the Panama Canal, which is currently being expanded. "Our ship was the largest ship that can go through the canal," Scott said. But that's changing. The Panama Canal expansion, which is a work-in-progress, will accommodate much larger ships, especially since many of today's ships are bigger than they were when the canal was built. The cruise ended in San Diego where they toured the City of Coronado and the mansions of La Jolla and then flew home.

While Scott admits that the Panama Canal was the highlight of the trip, she said that several of the travelers also really enjoyed Guatemala and Antigua, especially some of the old buildings from the 1500s and 1600s. "It didn't even take a whole day to get through the Panama Canal, and then you end up in the Pacific Ocean," Scott said. "Even the color of the water changes."

The Griswold Center hosts several trips throughout the year. Although the trips are geared for individuals 55 years and older, anyone can participate. These trips are popular for their great destinations but also because the Griswold Center handles the details. Here's a lineup of scheduled trips in the months ahead.

  • June 2013: The Islands of New England - Providence, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket
  • August 2013: Michigan Lighthouse Tour
  • December 2013: Grand Ole Opry
  • January 2014: Caribbean Cruise

The Griswold Center is a multi-purpose facility dedicated to providing quality programs and services to people 55 years of age or older and their spouses, regardless of age. All programs are also available to all adults over 18 years of age after member registration. In addition to a wide variety of travel opportunities, the Griswold Center offers programs in arts, drama, sports, fitness and education.

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