Worthington Community Center can help with your New Year's fitness resolutions


Resized Image Middle SizeIt's a new year, and a time when many people resolve to adopt a healthier lifestyle. From eating right to getting plenty of exercise, there is no end to the healthy resolutions this time of year. Fortunately, the Worthington Community Center offers a complete lineup of fitness classes to help you achieve your goals. Here's a closer look at what's happening in the weeks ahead.

30-Day Challenge

If you sign up for the 30-day weight-loss challenge, professionals at the Community Center will weigh you in, record your body measurements and body composition, snap a pre-weight loss photo, and then establish a 30-day weight-loss goal that falls somewhere between 1 and 10 percent of your body weight. As a participant, you get tickets for every percentage point you lose, followed by prizes at the end of the challenge. These are realistic weight-loss goals, so you will experience success by attaining positive results. Registration ends January 15; residents $20; non-residents $26

Special Fitness Classes

From Zumba to spinning, the Community Center offers a host of regular classes to help you stay fit. A few special classes have been added to the February lineup:

Cardio Hip Hop: This one-day trial features basic hip hop techniques; February 15

Foam Rolling Clinic: Using a foam roller (provided), participants can easily apply pressure to areas of the body experiencing pain and muscle soreness, which in

turn helps to relax tension; February 22

Running Workshops

Think you'd like to run a 5K, but you're not sure how? This 8-week program is designed for beginning runners or people who haven't been running for a while. It includes beginning running training and running form workshops

Membership Information

The Worthington Community Center offers membership in three tiers: resident, non-resident and member. You are considered a resident if you pay city taxes in Worthington or if you work in Worthington. Non-residents pay different fees, but are still eligible to take classes. Finally, members receive the lowest pricing for fitness classes. Individuals or families who choose to become members can pay in one, lump sum or via monthly debits from their account. Not sure if you're a resident? Call the Community Center to find out.

What You Need to Know

  • Group fitness classes begin January 13, but you can drop in as well. Simply call ahead to see if there's room in the class. Some classes fill up faster than others, such as spinning, which requires a bike for each participant.
  • In addition to classes like yoga and Pilates, you can choose from a wide range of alternative forms of fitness, including water aerobics, line dancing, belly dancing and more.
  • The Center offers a full line of programming for kids, and a special youth membership for kids 13 and younger.
  • You can purchase day passes to the Center, which may help to ward off cabin fever.
  • The Center is currently partnering with Worthington City Schools to engage all students in an active challenge during the coldest weeks of the year. The program is similar to the summer reading program in that it offers positive reinforcement prizes for various completion levels.

To learn more about the Worthington Community Center, visit worthington.org or call 614-436-2743. The Center is conveniently located at 345 E. Wilson Bridge Road in Worthington.

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