Tour Old Worthington with Columbus Food Adventures

There are few things lovelier than spending a day in Worthington, but it is made even better when you are with a knowledgeable tour guide, learning about the sights, sounds, and tastes that make Worthington wonderful. The Saturday Old Worthington Food Tour run by Columbus Food Adventures is a perfect way to learn about our city and why it is a delicious place to be.

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The food tour starts where any good tour would - at the award-winning Worthington Farmers Market! You will get to meet with several makers and farmers and taste their wares, from Honeyrun Farm to The Crazy Cucumber to Blue Jacket Cheese, Kokoborrego Cheese Company and Get Elevated. Afterwards, you will head into House Wine to continue sampling while you grab a glass of refreshing vino and learn more about why it is a must-stop for wine in the neighborhood. You’ll try goodies from Weed Knob Acres, Hummavore, North Country Charcuterie, and Blue Jacket Cheese.

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Then it’s on to momos at Everest Cuisine and a walk down to the historic Old Rectory, with stops along the way to learn the long history of the Worthington Inn and Snow House.

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After a look at and some background on the beautiful Mason Building on High street, you stop by La Chatelaine for a spread of their freshly made salads and pastries, and a little (more) dessert at Sassafras Bakery.

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On to a warm welcome at Igloo Letterpress, a retail and print shop that uses 100-year old printing presses. You will even get to try your hand at printing your very own coaster on a 1890’s pilot press! You will then head over to the Village Green to learn about the founding of Worthington in 1803 (and the sheep that used to graze on this very lawn!).

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The last stop is a delicious small plate at The Whitney House, a custard-like french toast with local bacon to end the tour on a sweet and savory note.

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To register for a spot on the tour, head to Columbus Food Adventures’ website. We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon!

Beth Dekker