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Vertical Adventures – Taking Columbus Rock Climbers to New Heights

Interested in trying your hands (and feet) at rock climbing, but unsure of where to go or how to start? Head over to Vertical Adventures, Ohio’s premiere indoor climbing facility.


For the past 22 years, Vertical Adventures has helped folks of all ages and skill levels learn to rock climb, garnering quite a following in the process. The company was founded when a job move brought Alexis and Carrie Rocco, both avid East Coast rock climbers, to Columbus in the early 1990s. The couple soon discovered a vibrant community of climbers—despite Ohio’s rather flat terrain—and recognized the need for an indoor facility where people could train during the winter.

“When we first moved to Ohio, we often traveled several hours away to find great rock climbing,” said Carrie Rocco. “After a while, we decided to try to fill the void experienced by many Columbus climbers, and we opened Vertical Adventures in 1994.”

We recently had the opportunity to visit Vertical Adventures, and we had a blast! Upon arrival, we were admittedly a bit nervous. While the photos on the company’s website offer a glimpse into what you’ll experience, we couldn’t believe how tall the walls actually are! The friendly staff put our minds at ease and guided our very inexperienced crew throughout each step of the process. Before we knew it, we were climbing and belaying our way around their steepest crags. (We even picked up some rock climbing jargon along the way!)

Afraid of heights or nervous you won’t fit in? Don’t be! “Anyone can climb,” Rocco said. “We’ve worked hard to create a space where beginners can learn in a non-intimidating environment, but also where strong, dedicated climbers can train and perfect their skill.”

There is so much going on at Vertical Adventures! Here’s a look at what they offer:

Adult Programming – Whether you’re a first-timer, like us, or you’ve been climbing all your life, Vertical Adventures offers professional classes for all levels of climbing. From basic rope and movement instruction to lead climbing classes, the expert staff will advance your skills and take you to new heights (quite literally).

Youth Programming – Rock climbing is not just for big people. Vertical Adventures offers programs for kids of all ages, including:

  • ABC Kids Climbing – Little ones will learn the basics of rock climbing and will develop agility, balance, coordination and confidence.
  • Climbers' Club – As children grow, they’ll love the Climbers’ Club, designed to coach kids of all experience levels to be the best climber they can be.
  • Team Vertical – Starting at age 7, children interested in competition climbing will transition from climbers to athletes-in-training.
  • Camps – Need a fun way to entertain your little monkey while school is out? Vertical Adventures offers exciting camps for kids throughout the summer and during school breaks.

Special Needs Programming – Vertical Adventures is proud to offer programming for children and adults with special needs. From their Adaptive Ascent Clinics, designed for anyone with a disability, to their climbing clubs for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, everyone can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of rock climbing.

Special Events – From college nights and Monday night meet-ups to scout merit badge events, overnight lock-ins and competitions, there’s always something fun going on at Vertical Adventures. And if you’re looking for a place to host your next party or corporate team-building event, this is it.

More Than Just Climbing

When you’re not harnessed up, getting an incredible workout on the walls, you’ll want to check out the Vertical Adventures fitness center. The facility offers strength training and cardiovascular machines, as well as a variety of yoga classes each week.

Vertical Adventures is located at 6513 Kingsmill Ct., just minutes from downtown Worthington. Visit their website or check them out on Facebook to begin your rock climbing adventure today.