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Meet Shoma Jha from Centered Yoga + Movement!

Shoma Jha opened Centered Yoga + Movement in early February of this year. Her studio, located at 679D High Street, offers another option for the growing number of yoga fans around Old Worthington. Finding the studio is like going on a treasure hunt. Just follow the small tunnel between HER Realtors and Birch Boutique, leading to the Kilbourne Shops courtyard. She shared with us about her studio offerings, her interest in yoga and the sense of community in the neighborhood.

What has the neighborhood reception been so far?

Shoma: The neighborhood reception has been truly heartwarming. As different people have come in the studio for classes, it has been fascinating to witness how people know each other in various contexts. Worthington is a community where everyone is somehow connected. 

What led you to opening your own yoga studio?

Shoma: Sixteen years ago, after I had my second child and was juggling the new challenges of motherhood, my mom brought me a yoga video that she insisted I try with her. Yoga resonated with me right away. Since then, I have practiced regularly through classes at recreation centers and at various studios in the region. Eventually, I trained at the Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute, a phenomenal program. Afterwards, I had opportunity to teach in studios, fitness centers, schools and in the corporate environment.

Through the practice of yoga, I discovered that I was not only able to build physical strength and flexibility, but also build mental and emotional clarity and flexibility. Additionally, yoga gave me a sense of inner peace unlike anything else I had experienced. As my love of yoga expanded, my vision to share yoga with my home community grew stronger. Once the perfect space opened up, I knew it was time to move forward.

What services does Centered Yoga offer? 

Shoma: As the name indicates, Centered Yoga and Movement offers yoga classes, as well as a variety of movement classes. All classes on our schedule are based upon the foundation of mind-body-breath awareness. The yoga classes are all vinyasa style, where a teacher guides students from posture to posture while moving with the breath, creating a fluid sequence.

As for the movement classes, there is quite a selection. One can choose from Nia, Barre-Vinyasa Fusion, Tai Chi-Vinyasa Fusion and Vinyasa-Dance Fusion. In Barre-Vinyasa, the instructor will lead students through a combination of flowing yoga with isometric strength training inspired by Barre. In Tai Chi-Vinyasa, the teacher will move students through traditional yoga poses while integrating tai chi and qigong martial arts movements. Vinyasa-Dance is a class with a yoga foundation blended with elements of dance. We also offer Nia. Nia is an energizing combination of dance, martial and healing arts. While all the other classes have a yoga foundation, Nia’s backbone is dance layered with features of martial arts and yoga.


Additionally, Centered offers classes to children of various ages. There is a teen class specifically geared to high school aged children. There is a tween class that is a perfect introduction to yoga for young adolescents. An elementary school aged class will also be added to the schedule in the next few weeks.

What's been your favorite part of the Old Worthington community?

Shoma: My favorite part of the Old Worthington community is its down-to-earth and accessible vibe. As a resident of Old Worthington for over a decade, I take pride in the fact that our downtown isn’t simply for show.  From the family friendly restaurants, to the more fine-dining, to the clothing boutiques, to the fitness-based venues, hair salons, banks, home goods stores, schools, post office, farmers’ market and so much more, I find our downtown community to be a vital part of Worthington and surrounding community residents. There is a tangible sense of cohesiveness. I treasure our downtown and am thrilled that Centered Yoga + Movement is a part of it!

Find Centered Yoga + Movement at 679D High Street, and check out the schedule of classes at