Merchant Profile: Swoonful Gifts at Igloo Letterpress

Business Name: Swoonful Gifts at Igloo Letterpress

Business Owner(s) Names: Miriam Chon + Allison Chapman

Contact information: /, /

What is the history behind why and how you started your business? I owned a similar gift shop in Uptown Westerville in 2015. I worked in design for many years and wanted a space to share both mine and other local artist works. When Igloo Letterpress started a move to our current location, Allison proposed a partnership in their retail division. The creative collaborative environment of Igoo was a huge draw for me as a designer and a perfect opportunity for me to return home. So we merged our retail shops and opened together in November of 2015 in the old Worthington Hardware space.

Why did you select downtown Worthington for your business location? We’re both long-time residents of Worthington, both have had businesses here and our kids attend elementary, middle and high school in Worthington. Everything we love is here! It’s home and we wanted to be a part of building and contributing to our community.

What makes your products/service unique? Although gift shops and print shops are ubiquitous, we differentiate our business by focusing on handmade, craftsmanship of the products in our shop. Our staff is made up of working designers and artists so we bring a level of artistry to everything we offer. I try to focus on the quality of makers and promote makers from Ohio in the shop, many artisans are from right here in Worthington. I’ve been told I have a crusty sense of humor and I try to add a line of quirky products to the mix. Igloo Letterpress designs and prints the cards and art right here on site too. 

Clientele you cater to? We really have a multi-generational clientele from our community. I’ve seen young families, young professionals, grandparents with grandchildren and our own children’s friends come in to visit. We’ve been very pleased to connect with such varied clientele, it tells me our products resonate with our customers. When is the store open? Current hours are Tuesdays-Fridays 10-6, Saturdays 9-4 and Sunday 12-4. Any special events or “must do” things people should know about? We often have guest makers on Saturdays for special shopping opportunities and Igloo Letterpress has fantastic letterpress classes for novices and designers alike. 

Any funny stories or original experiences as a business owner? We often have customers trying to purchase items not for sales such as window display pieces or decor we’ve made for the shop.

What do you enjoy in your personal time? I enjoy designing and making my own crusty products and sometimes they end up in the shop! I also fully enjoy harassing my kids.

Anything else you want to share with the old Worthington supporters? Although I’m a long time resident of Worthington, I don’t think I realized just how committed Worthington is of their own community. The welcome to our new location has been amazing and we truly appreciate our customers for their business and kind words! It’s been very encouraging in our death defying adventure.