Small-Town Jeweler Boasts Big-Time Style

Denig Jewelers is the epitome of a family business. Fred Denig opened the jewelry store in Downtown Worthington more than six decades ago. When he passed away in 1956, his son, Jack, ran the business for many years, along with his mother, Gladys. When Gladys passed away in 1980, Jack’s wife, Jane, jumped in to fill the void. After Jack passed away in 1998, Jane continued to operate the jewelry store with the help of her two sons: Rick, who is recently retired, and Scott, the current owner. If that sounds more like a quick history of the Denig Family than the business profile of a jewelry store, just remember that it’s hard to separate the two. They’ve gone hand in hand for the past 65 years. In fact, Scott is quick to point out that many of his current customers can recall visiting the store with their parents—or grandparents. It’s a scenario that often results in fun, Mayberry-like conversations, reminiscing about days gone by.

Scott Denig grew up with the business. “Worthington is a very close-knit community, and we have established a relationship with our local clientele,” he said. “I have seen old-timers pass, and their sons and daughters continue to do business here because their parents did. It’s interesting to see the generations come and go.”

But make no mistake about what you’ll find at Denig Jewelers. It may be a small-town jewelry store when it comes to providing top-notch customer service, but it also features the latest, most up-to-date styles and trends in jewelry. In fact, the store carries leading brands like Simon G, Scott Kay, Tacori, Kit Heath and Angelique de Paris. Don’t expect to see the same jewelry that you’ll find in a dozen other stores. This is special.

In addition to selling beautiful jewelry, watches and clocks in a wide range of styles and prices, Denig Jewelers prides itself in being able to take care of its customers, which is another reason why folks keep returning to the store. “We are very service-oriented,” Scott said. “We service everything that we sell, and we don’t snub our noses at repairing costume jewelry as well.”

At the end of the day, Scott understands that value is measured by the person. “Some of the most beautiful stones are very inexpensive,” he said. “I place a lot of value not in the price of the stone, but in the beauty and happiness that it brings.”

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