New at the Summer Market


When the summer market opens this Saturday, May 4, several vendors will be making their debut. As we've been saying for the past few weeks, this year the market promises to be bigger and more diverse than ever, thanks in part to some of the newer vendors joining the ranks. Here's a sampling of what you can expect to find.

Lucky Penny Farm

Located in Garrettsville, with a creamery in nearby Kent, Lucky Penny Farm will bring sheep and goat cheeses to the Worthington Farmers Market. These all-natural cheeses are handcrafted in small batches every day, "taking food from the land and crafting it by hand." The cheeses are made using milk that is sourced from a variety of Ohio farms, including a herd of about 300 goats and sheep a week. All of the animals are grazed daily.

Beginning this Saturday, market customers can choose from chèvre, feta and ricotta cheeses, which are packaged in small, convenient tubs. These nutrient-rich dairy products are preservative-free and a wonderful source of protein. They are also

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quite functional, especially since they can be used to make dips and spreads (mixed with hot jelly, honey or barbecue sauce), taste great on a pretzel, and are fantastic when mixed with a jar of marinara sauce and spread over pasta. Visit for information about the farm and more great recipe ideas.

Jorgensen Farm

Also debuting at this year's summer market is Jorgensen Farm, located in Plain Township between Westerville and New Albany. The 65-acre farm has been continuously certified organic since 2002 and is widely known for its signature flower--the sunflower. Look for their big, yellow sign at the market.

They will bring several items to the Worthington Farmers Market, including a wide variety of fresh-cut herbs (basil, thyme, mint and several varieties of culinary herbs), peppermint and lemon teas, several varieties of herbal-infused honey, granola, herbal-infused vinegars, dried organic catnip (sold in small bags), several varieties of pesto (with samples available at the market), and lamb sausages. The sausages are sold both with and without the casing. The ground lamb features fresh herbs and spices and is pre-cooked with no fillers. All the animals live on the farm and are raised on grass. To learn more about the farm and its products, visit

For more information about upcoming dates for the Worthington Farmers Market and other area events, visit