Get To Know: Sandeep Singh and the Dishes of Everest Cuisine


In late 2017, Old Worthington welcomed a new dining hotspot: Everest Cuisine! The restaurant is run by Sandeep Singh, and features dishes from Nepal, India, and Tibet. Singh hails originally from Nepal, having come to the U.S. a couple years ago and eventually becoming a U.S. citizen. Everest is a family-owned venture, and he’s using the restaurant to introduce local diners to Nepali dishes.


The restaurant serves lunch and dinner, with a buffet offered daily from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Let’s take a look at some of Singh’s popular dishes!


Chaat is originally a street food found around India, Nepal, and the surrounding regions. The savory appetizer is usually a mixture of fried bread, potatoes, and other spices and veggies. The samosa chaat on Everest’s menu takes one of their samosas (crispy pastry filled with potatoes and spices – excellent all on their own) and dices it up with mint, tamarind, yogurt, and cilantro.


Singh recommends their Kathmandu Platter, a combo plate of spicy chicken (chicken choila), soft seasoned potatoes (aaloo), marinated soybeans (bhatamas), and chiura, a rice that’s pounded flat and toasted. The dish is a wonderful combination of textures, flavors, and tempatures.


Momos are Nepali dumplings stuffed with veggies or chicken and a combination of spices. ‘Jhol’ means a spicy broth, so jhol momo are dumplings served in a bowl of the sauce.


Another popular dish is the Everest Thali. A thali is a platter that combines a series of smaller tastes, from vegetables and spicy pickles to side salads, meat and vegetable curries, a yogurt-based dish called raita, papads (crispy, wafer-like bread), and more. It’s an easy way to sample several different tastes all at once.

Singh also says you shouldn’t miss out on their freshly baked naan. Naan is a type of bread that’s cooked in a tandoor, a deep, clay oven where the bread is slapped onto the sides. The dough bakes quickly, resulting in a crispy, bubbly flatbread. (The same oven is used to grill chicken, goat, and lamb for other dishes on the menu.) Different naans are stuffed with garlic, onions, cheeses, fruits and nuts, and other ingredients.

Take a trip to Nepal, Tibet, and India without leaving Worthington! Visit Everest for lunch or dinner seven days a week.

Everest Cuisine
652 High St.
Worthington, OH 43085
(614) 601-6004
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Nicholas Dekker