Get to Know Random Precision Brewing Company

By Nicholas Dekker

Random Precision Brewing Company opened this past St. Patrick’s Day at 2365 W. Dublin Granville Rd. in Linworth. Owned by Jason and Andrea Grable, the brewery specializes in sour beers. We caught up with them to learn more about the brewery, sour beers, and what’s coming next!


Nick: Who's involved in Random Precision?
RPBC is owned by Jason and Andrea Grable. The day to day operation, brewing, etc. is handled by Jason. We've had a lot of help from family and friends who have pitched in to help paint, hang TVs and speakers, bartend, and the occasional HVAC work. Right now we have a few part-time bartenders and, as we grow, those positions will turn full time and additional staff will be hired.

Nick: What led you to start Random Precision? Do you have a background in brewing?
We've always loved craft beer and have attended beer festivals all over the country. I've been a homebrewer for several years and, like most homebrewers, wondered if this hobby could be turned into a career. On a trip to Portland, Oregon about six years ago, I visited Cascade Barrel House and was blown away by sours beers. I returned, brewed several batches, and impatiently waited nearly a year for the results. Finding this new love of sour beers and noticing a lack of sour breweries in Columbus and Ohio at the time, we made leap to start Random Precision.

Nick: For guests who are new to sour beers, how do you introduce them?
We explain the process of making the beers and how they are different than "clean beers." For our Bending Towards the Sun Berliner Weisse, a more accurate description is a 'tart' taste. For those who have never had a sour beer, or maybe had an experience that they did not like, we suggest that they try the three-sip method. The first sip is to begin to acclimate your palate. The second sip allows the taste of the beer to begin to come through without the initial 'shock' of the sourness/tartness. By the third sip, the person can truly taste the beer. Without this process, many people would likely give up on a great beer.


Nick: What sort of food is offered at the taproom?
RPBC has rotating food trucks on site on the weekends. Customers are more than welcome to bring in their own food or have food delivered.


Nick: What's the vibe of the taproom?
The taproom is bright and open, with high vaulted wood ceilings with exposed trusses. Music is always playing, but at a volume that is present, but won't compete with your conversations. Two TVs serve both those at the long wooden tables and benches as well as those sitting at the bar. The TVs are on for major sporting events, but otherwise turned off. We'd rather have people interacting with each other than staring at a TV showing the local news with no volume. Our taproom is family friendly and we have games for kids and adults; although it's surprising to see adults in a heated game of Candy Land.

Nick: Are you hosting any special events?
Batches of the barrel-aged sours will be released at the end of October and a huge event will be planned around this. Members of the Sours & Staves Club [where they “adopt” a barrel of beer and name it] will also get to come into the brewery in late September to taste their unblended barrel as well as the other barrels going into that batch of sour beer. It's a great way to get people involved with the sour beer process.

RPBC has been approached by many people to host their private events. It was not something that was expected. We've hosted parties to celebrate a military promotion, birthdays, political fundraisers, wedding showers, and rehearsal dinners. Tables can be reserved or the entire taproom can be booked for a private event.


Nick: What's coming next for Random Precision?
Obviously, the release of the barrel-aged sours later this year is massive. From that point on, we will always have at least six RPBC sours on tap, as well as the Misconstrued Sarcasm IPA and one or two versions of the Bending Towards the Sun. Three or four guest beers as well as wine will remain. Beginning in 2019, we will also start an annual holiday bottle release of a small batch run.

Nick: Can people find your beers anywhere else?
We've started limited distribution of the Misconstrued Sarcasm and Bending Towards the Sun. We are on tap at House Wine in Worthington, Grove City Brewing, The Ohio Taproom, Knotty Pine Brewing, as well as 101 Beer Kitchen in Dublin and Westerville.

Discover your new favorite watering hole, and let Jason, Andrea, and their team teach you all about sour beers at Random Precision. Find them at:

Random Precision Brewing Company
2365 W. Dublin Granville Rd.
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 389-3864
Find them on Facebook and at @rpbsours on Instagram

Wednesday and Thursday, 4-10 p.m.
Friday, 4 p.m. to midnight
Saturday, noon to midnight
Sunday, noon to 8 p.m.

Nicholas Dekker