Learn more about the D.O.R.A.

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Benefits of D.O.R.A.

What is D.O.R.A.? It stands for Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, and it refers to Ohio Revised Code 4301.82, which allows for communities to create these areas for whatever purposes they deem necessary. The Old Worthington Partnership has asked the City of Worthington to adopt an ordinance that creates one of these areas in Old Worthington, only on High Street from Village Green Drive South to South Street (the main business district). We have asked the City to do this for (2) reasons:
1.    Allow full service (including alcoholic beverages) outdoor dining that is currently restricted because of our streetscape (i.e. fencing in a dining area would cut off pedestrian traffic).
2.    Large scale events would be made less restrictive with the creation of the D.O.R.A. Guests at these events would be able to circulate freely throughout the business district with their beverages that were purchased at one of the establishments within the D.O.R.A.
Our hope in accomplishing these two goals is to keep our district vibrant and relevant. Old Worthington is an experience, and we must ensure that we do everything to allow our merchants to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this new legislation. Enhancing the Old Worthington experience is our goal.


Q: Will people be allowed to stroll around Old Worthington at any time with an alcoholic beverage? 
A: NO. Only during pre-approved, time-limited, and monitored events.

Q: Will people be able to walk through my neighborhood with an alcoholic beverage? 
A: NO. Signs will be posted, along with additional waste receptacles at the boundaries of the D.O.R.A. The boundaries are only in the commercial areas of Old Worthington. Law enforcement will be vigilant about enforcing these boundaries.

Q: This sounds like a great idea. How can I support this effort? 
A: Email City Council and tell them you support the creation of a D.O.R.A. in Old Worthington.

We have a sample letter that you may use to help you write your letter or email. Copy and paste this letter or write your own to dthress@ci.worthington.oh.us 


Dear Bonnie Michael and City Council Members,

My name is Jane Doe and I live in Worthington at 1234 Cherry St. and I would like to voice my support for the creation of a D.O.R.A. in Old Worthington. Most everyone loves outdoor dining, and this new ordinance would make it easier for our establishments to have full service outdoor dining. Anything the City can do to help our small businesses succeed and keep Old Worthington vibrant is a positive step. Also, with the D.O.R.A., events in the business district will be much more accessible (no more fencing!), and it will be easier to enjoy the event and circulate through the shops. Please vote yes for the D.O.R.A. Thank you, Jane Doe.

Copy and paste the above text or write your own note of support to the City Clerk at dthress@ci.worthington.oh.us or mail it to 6550 N. High Street, Worthington, OH 43085.