Designated outdoor refreshment area

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what is the D.O.R.A.?

D.O.R.A. stands for Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, and it refers to Ohio Revised Code 4301.82, which allows for communities to create these areas for whatever purposes they deem necessary. The Old Worthington Partnership has asked the City of Worthington to adopt an ordinance that creates one of these areas in Old Worthington, only on High Street from Village Green Drive South to South Street (the main business district). We have asked the City to do this for (2) reasons:
1.    Allow full service (including alcoholic beverages) outdoor dining that is currently restricted because of our streetscape (i.e. fencing in a dining area would cut off pedestrian traffic).
2.    Large scale events would be made less restrictive with the creation of the D.O.R.A. Guests at these events would be able to circulate freely throughout the business district with their beverages that were purchased at one of the establishments within the D.O.R.A.

On June 5, 2017 the City of Worthington passed the resolution creating a new ordinance that would allow establishments within the D.O.R.A. to serve alcohol in plastic cups that can be taken out into the area immediately outside of their premises (i.e. a patio on the sidewalk). Patrons must stay in that designated area with their beverages. Look for blue signs that say "No Alcoholic Beverages Beyond This Point" for reference or consult your server for more information. The establishments that are included in the D.O.R.A. are La Chatelaine, Dewey's Pizza, House Wine, Worthington Inn, Half Pint, Everest Cuisine, Old Bag of Nails, and Whitney House. 

For permitted special events hosted by the Partnership, individuals will be allowed to walk within the DORA boundaries with an alcoholic beverage purchased from a liquor permit holding establishment. The DORA will include the High Street corridor between South Village Green Drive and South Street and east/west boundaries along New England Avenue from 26 E. New England to 41 W. New England.

More information and the text of the ordinance can be found on the City's website.