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Historic Bus Tour: Worthington Neighborhoods I

An event presented in partnership by The Worthington Historical Society & The Griswold Center

This year, due to the popularity of the “Neighborhoods” tour, and the multitude of neighborhoods in Worthington, our Worthington Neighborhoods tour will be broken into two parts.  Neighborhoods featured in previous tours will be highlighted and some neighborhoods will be visited for the first time.

Learn how various neighborhoods have interacted in the development of Worthington from Village to City.  This tour will begin on the west side of the Olentangy River and explore the histories of Plesenton, Linworth and the Beechview/MA Rusk subdivisions. Then we will cross back over the river and go south and hear the stories behind Davis Estates and Walnut Grove Cemetery, the development of Chaseland and Colonial Hills.  (The entire tour takes place on the bus.)

Each tour is $14 per person, and when registration opens guests should register through the Griswold Center in person or online through Worthington Parks & Recreation (