Get to Know Random Precision Brewing Company

By Nicholas Dekker

Random Precision Brewing Company opened this past St. Patrick’s Day at 2365 W. Dublin Granville Rd. in Linworth. Owned by Jason and Andrea Grable, the brewery specializes in sour beers. We caught up with them to learn more about the brewery, sour beers, and what’s coming next!


Nick: Who's involved in Random Precision?
RPBC is owned by Jason and Andrea Grable. The day to day operation, brewing, etc. is handled by Jason. We've had a lot of help from family and friends who have pitched in to help paint, hang TVs and speakers, bartend, and the occasional HVAC work. Right now we have a few part-time bartenders and, as we grow, those positions will turn full time and additional staff will be hired.

Nick: What led you to start Random Precision? Do you have a background in brewing?
We've always loved craft beer and have attended beer festivals all over the country. I've been a homebrewer for several years and, like most homebrewers, wondered if this hobby could be turned into a career. On a trip to Portland, Oregon about six years ago, I visited Cascade Barrel House and was blown away by sours beers. I returned, brewed several batches, and impatiently waited nearly a year for the results. Finding this new love of sour beers and noticing a lack of sour breweries in Columbus and Ohio at the time, we made leap to start Random Precision.

Nick: For guests who are new to sour beers, how do you introduce them?
We explain the process of making the beers and how they are different than "clean beers." For our Bending Towards the Sun Berliner Weisse, a more accurate description is a 'tart' taste. For those who have never had a sour beer, or maybe had an experience that they did not like, we suggest that they try the three-sip method. The first sip is to begin to acclimate your palate. The second sip allows the taste of the beer to begin to come through without the initial 'shock' of the sourness/tartness. By the third sip, the person can truly taste the beer. Without this process, many people would likely give up on a great beer.


Nick: What sort of food is offered at the taproom?
RPBC has rotating food trucks on site on the weekends. Customers are more than welcome to bring in their own food or have food delivered.


Nick: What's the vibe of the taproom?
The taproom is bright and open, with high vaulted wood ceilings with exposed trusses. Music is always playing, but at a volume that is present, but won't compete with your conversations. Two TVs serve both those at the long wooden tables and benches as well as those sitting at the bar. The TVs are on for major sporting events, but otherwise turned off. We'd rather have people interacting with each other than staring at a TV showing the local news with no volume. Our taproom is family friendly and we have games for kids and adults; although it's surprising to see adults in a heated game of Candy Land.

Nick: Are you hosting any special events?
Batches of the barrel-aged sours will be released at the end of October and a huge event will be planned around this. Members of the Sours & Staves Club [where they “adopt” a barrel of beer and name it] will also get to come into the brewery in late September to taste their unblended barrel as well as the other barrels going into that batch of sour beer. It's a great way to get people involved with the sour beer process.

RPBC has been approached by many people to host their private events. It was not something that was expected. We've hosted parties to celebrate a military promotion, birthdays, political fundraisers, wedding showers, and rehearsal dinners. Tables can be reserved or the entire taproom can be booked for a private event.


Nick: What's coming next for Random Precision?
Obviously, the release of the barrel-aged sours later this year is massive. From that point on, we will always have at least six RPBC sours on tap, as well as the Misconstrued Sarcasm IPA and one or two versions of the Bending Towards the Sun. Three or four guest beers as well as wine will remain. Beginning in 2019, we will also start an annual holiday bottle release of a small batch run.

Nick: Can people find your beers anywhere else?
We've started limited distribution of the Misconstrued Sarcasm and Bending Towards the Sun. We are on tap at House Wine in Worthington, Grove City Brewing, The Ohio Taproom, Knotty Pine Brewing, as well as 101 Beer Kitchen in Dublin and Westerville.

Discover your new favorite watering hole, and let Jason, Andrea, and their team teach you all about sour beers at Random Precision. Find them at:

Random Precision Brewing Company
2365 W. Dublin Granville Rd.
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 389-3864
Find them on Facebook and at @rpbsours on Instagram

Wednesday and Thursday, 4-10 p.m.
Friday, 4 p.m. to midnight
Saturday, noon to midnight
Sunday, noon to 8 p.m.

Nicholas Dekker
Picnic with the Partnership

By Nicholas Dekker

It’s a lovely day for a picnic. Or should I say evening?

One of my favorite Worthington events returns for the third time on Saturday, June 23: the Picnic with the Partnership. The neighborhood block party, which closes down High Street for the evening, is the Partnership’s big fundraiser for the year, but let’s be honest – it’s just a fantastic community event, where we get to experience the neighborhood in a different way, celebrate the area businesses, and connect with one another.


Here’s how it works: you buy a ticket (which you should do soon!), then either bring your dinner or pre-order a meal from The Whitney House, the Worthington Inn, Everest Cuisine, or the new Half Pint. (Pro-tip: the Whitney House also offers a kid’s option.) You get to grab a seat at the tables lining High Street and have dinner with your neighbors.


Beer, wine, and cocktails will be available at the event (you can’t bring your own alcohol, sorry). But there are games to play, and you can stroll the district and visit the shops, which will be open that evening. There’s also live music and an old-fashioned cakewalk. You can even sign up to donate a cake to it!


The Picnic sold out last year, so get your tickets soon! Learn more about the Old Worthington Partnership and what they do here.

Nicholas Dekker
The Half Pint will be Pouring Soon in Old Worthington

By Nicholas Dekker

The space at 671 High Street won’t be staying empty for long! Old Worthington will soon get to enjoy a night out at The Half Pint. The restaurant group behind The Half Pint owns The Pint Room in Dublin, as well as Half Pints in Marysville and the Arena District. We caught up with them to learn more about Old Worthington’s newest stop for food and drink!

Can you tell us a bit about who's behind the restaurant?
Keith Moreland is the owner, but the managers and staff are the biggest component of who is behind making the restaurants a success. We couldn't do anything without each and every one of them!


Why did he start The Half Pint and The Pint Room?
We had a passion for a chef-driven concept with a casual environment and wanted to incorporate the craft beer 'boom' as well. The Half Pint derived from The Pint Room's concept, which is essentially half of a Pint Room with half as much to offer, still providing the casual environment and a chef-driven menu.

What other locations do you have?
We have Pint Rooms located in Dublin; Carmel, Indiana; and Littleton, Colorado. We also have The Half Pints in Marysville, the Arena District, and soon to be Worthington! 


How do you generally describe The Half Pint to newcomers?
We are a little sister of The Pint Room. We have a focus on local craft beer and a chef-driven menu. We are a place where you can hang out with your friends, enjoy a date night, or bring your family, too. We strive to give great service, awesome food, and an even better dining/drinking experience.

What are some of the signature dishes and drinks of The Half Pint?
A few of our signatures are the PBBJ which is a burger with fresh strawberries, strawberry preserves, candied bacon, jack cheese, and peanut butter, of course! Another signature item is our Topless Salad, which is a salad with a burger patty on it. We complement the salad with four wedge-cut fries as well. Cheese Curds – I can't forget the curds! They are hand-battered and paired with our house-made sriracha ranch. We have a fresh cocktail menu that rotates seasonally – we always have a few Mules on the menu, but not just your basic Moscow Mule – Bourbon Mules, Blueberry Mules, etc. The beer speaks for itself when it comes to our 'features' in that aspect!


How many beers do you typically have on tap?
At this location we will carry 40 beers on tap. The other locations vary from 40 up to 175 (yes, you read that right!).

What’s unique about the Old Worthington location?
There isn't anything within walking distance that offers what we will be offering. Old Worthington is very similar to the type of community we as a company thrive on. I'd like everyone to know that we are ecstatic to come to such a welcoming area. We have already been welcomed with open arms and we haven't even opened our doors yet!

What's your target opening date?
We are shooting for the first full week of June.

Nicholas Dekker
Visit the Market, Go Green, Test Drive an Electric Car – All This Saturday!

By Nicholas Dekker

Old Worthington is the place to be this Saturday, May 5! From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. there are no less than three big events happening along High Street and on the Village Green. Gather up the whole family for a memorable morning of fun for the first Farmers Market of the season, the annual Green on the Green, and a special visit from Smart Columbus for the Ride & Drive Roadshow!


What’s New at the Farmers Market?
One of Worthington’s favorite seasonal events, the Worthington Farmers Market, kicks off this Saturday. This season is especially exciting as the market unveils new adjustments to enhance the experience for residents, visitors, and vendors.

Here are some of the changes you’ll see this season:

  • An expanded market footprint: Market vendors will extend farther down the east side of High Street in front of the United Methodist Church.
  • Extended hours: In June, July, and August the market is piloting extended hours until 1 p.m. The extra hour is being tested as part of careful analysis of national farmers market trends, with the goal of better serving market customers and encouraging guests to spend more time in the neighborhood!
  • Improved handicapped parking: The Dewey’s parking lot will now be reserved for handicapped customers. Current tags must be visible in each vehicle.

The market is also partnering with the City of Worthington to present Market Fit. Held every first and third Saturday of the month from 8-9 a.m., Market Fit is a rotating series of classes on the Village Green. They’re open to everyone; guests with a Worthington Community Center Group Fitness Card can attend by using their card or signing in with the instructor; guests without cards can join any class for just $8! Keep up with the class schedule through the Facebook event.

green on green.jpg

Go Green on the Green
Started in 2010, Green on the Green is an annual celebration of going green. The free and family friendly event promotes sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, and healthy living. More than 60 vendors will be on hand selling handcrafted items (can we say Mother’s Day gifts?) and offering interactive activities for the kiddos. You can enjoy snacks and live music while you play and browse through everything from candles to tea, pottery to essential oils.

Learn about better living habits, discover health and wellness techniques, and learn how to make your home more environmentally sustainable. See the exhibitors and festival map here, and check out the Big Green Guide to learn more about the vendors.


Ride & Drive
Green on the Green will be made even more memorable this year with a visit from Smart Columbus’ Ride & Drive Roadshow. Dedicated to exploring electric vehicles and other transportation alternatives, Smart Columbus was formed in 2016 after the City of Columbus won a $40 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

They’re visiting the Northwest Village Green outside the Griswold Center (777 High St.). to demonstrate how electric vehicles are both exciting to drive and affordable. Registered guests will get to test drive one of the electric cars on the market today. This includes a guided, interactive experience about the Smart Columbus initiative and the benefits of electric vehicles.

Guests who want to take an electric car for spin need to be 18 or older and have a valid driver’s license. Register ahead of time here:

Nicholas Dekker
Meet The Whitney House’s New Chef: Chris Caslow

By Nicholas Dekker

In case you missed it, the Whitney House has a new chef! At the beginning of 2018, chef Max Avon moved on to Lindey’s in German Village. Let’s get to know the new executive chef, Chris Caslow!

Nick: Are you from Worthington originally?
I’m from Worthington and gradated from Thomas Worthington in 2008.

Nick: How did you start your culinary career?
My first job was at Bon Vie at Easton through the externship program at Linworth. When I had started I was all of 18 years old and the chef there wasn’t exactly happy to have some kid there, free labor or not. For six months I worked my way through the entire restaurant – at the end of the six months they hired me on. Pantry, oven, prep – by the time I left I was supervisor. It was a four-and-a-half year process of working my way up to supervisor and a leader.


I spent four-and-a-half years there, the left to go to the Refectory. I spent two years there; when I heard Ian Brown was opening the Whitney House I reached out. It was through the externship program at Linworth where I had first met Ian. I’ve been here since day one. I was sous chef for first three years, and when Max went back to Lindey’s, I climbed up the ladder.

Going to the Refectory was more of a culinary school of sorts – learning how to cook from someone who was amazing. It’s something I will never get back. That’s my philosophy – working your way up the ladder. It’s more rewarding to work your way up. It’s 12 years and I got the title I wanted. We’ve put a lot of work into the Whitney House and we’re working on our fourth year now and not slowing down.

Nick: Is there anything new coming on the menu?
We have tinkered with a few things on the menu. We’re going to be working on a spring menu for the end of this month. It’s still in progress. We are messing with some of the dishes that have not changed. Our chilaquiles are getting a nice facelift. Our ramen is getting an overhaul as well. It’ll be a nice of change of pace.

whitney house 2.jpg

Nick: What’s your favorite dish to cook at the restaurant?
It would be toss up between one of our two weekly specials – the Tuesday Mom’s Stroganoff and the Saturday short rib. Both of those I can get down on any time.

Nick: Do you cook at home?
I try, but I do so much here. We just bought a condo on Hard Road and finally got the kitchen unpacked. I just made a simple egg sandwich at home. It was fun to cook and take my time and enjoy it.

Nick: What’s your go-to drink?
I’ve never really been a fan of cocktails – they’re too sweet to my liking. Usually my go-to is a Bud Light or an IPA of sorts.

Nick: Any other favorite spots around the city?
As much as I don’t like cooking breakfast, I love eating it if someone else is making it for me. It’s my favorite type of food to eat. I like either First Watch or Sunny Street Cafe for breakfast. I love Northstar Cafe, too. And we do 101 Beer Kitchen every once in a while. We went to G. Michael’s for Valentine’s Day. A chef doesn’t get out much!

Nick: What’s in store for the Whitney House next?
When the new Han Solo movie comes out [May 25], there will be some kind of late-night dinner going on that night, some type of ramen or three-course dinner.

whitney house 1.jpg

Meet Chef Chris and the whole culinary team for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch at the Whitney House!

666 High St.
Worthington, OH 43085
(614) 396-7846

Nicholas Dekker