The Worthington Resource Pantry

Caring For Worthington With More Than Just Food “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” ~ Mother Teresa

For the past eight years, the Worthington Resource Pantry has been tirelessly working toward building a healthier Worthington – one that “educates, feeds and comforts people who need a hand during rough times.” We recently had the opportunity to chat with their executive director, Jennifer Frallic. She told us about the Pantry’s many initiatives, which, we were surprised to learn, extend far beyond feeding 1,200 families per year – and that’s no small feat in itself!

“We believe that the ability to feed your family is empowering, and we exist to make that a reality for the folks we serve,” Frallic said. “Unfortunately, the needs within the Worthington community continue to grow, but with it, the opportunity for more people to get involved and to work together for the good of others.”

Frallic is quick to point out that the work they do would not be possible without their partnership with the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and with numerous organizations, schools, social service agencies and interfaith groups.

Here’s a look at their programs and services:

  • CHOICE Food Pantry – The CHOICE food pantry is available for qualifying individuals who live within the six zip codes of the Worthington School District. Unlike other food pantries, folks may shop the aisles and choose their own groceries. In addition to staples like canned and boxed goods, the pantry is brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and personal items.

“Last year we provided more than 300,000 pounds of food to those in need,” Frallic said. “While a good portion of our food comes from the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, we’re very thankful for the donations we receive from large retailers like Kroger, Target and Fresh Thyme Market and from many generous individuals within the Worthington community.”

  • Nutrition Nook – This program teaches folks how to make the most of their food pantry selections. Cooking classes are offered on the third and fourth Monday and Saturday of each month, and participants can learn how to prepare simple, healthy and delicious recipes for their families.
  • Drug Safe Worthington – The Pantry knows that fighting the war on drugs must be a community-wide effort. That's why they formed Drug Safe Worthington to heighten awareness and to build partnerships with local schools and organizations that are committed to preventing substance abuse.
  • Walk Worthington – Walk Worthington promotes neighborhood walking while raising money for the Pantry. Throughout the summer, the program hosts weekly health and wellness presentations and, of course, neighborhood walks.
  • Connections – It’s all about who you know, right? Well, the Worthington Resource Pantry knows a lot of great people. Their Resource Center recognizes that folks may need more than just food, so they connect them with organizations that can help meet those needs. Think clothing, transportation, medical care, financial assistance and employment opportunities, just to name a few.

How can you get involved? Great question! There are plenty of ways to donate your time, money and talents to help support the Pantry.

  1. Volunteer – The opportunities for volunteers are seemingly endless. From working in the food pantry to picking up donations to assisting with administrative duties or connecting families with available resources, the list goes on and on.
  1. Give – The Pantry graciously accepts donations of all kinds, including monetary contributions, gifts of stock, and food and personal care items.
  1. Party! – Don’t miss the Pantry’s annual summer fundraiser on Friday, July 22 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center. The block party-themed event includes food trucks, games, raffles, auction items and so much more.

The Worthington Resource Pantry is located at 6700 Huntley Rd. Call 614-985-1766 or visit their website to get involved.