The Half Pint will be Pouring Soon in Old Worthington


By Nicholas Dekker

The space at 671 High Street won’t be staying empty for long! Old Worthington will soon get to enjoy a night out at The Half Pint. The restaurant group behind The Half Pint owns The Pint Room in Dublin, as well as Half Pints in Marysville and the Arena District. We caught up with them to learn more about Old Worthington’s newest stop for food and drink!

Can you tell us a bit about who's behind the restaurant?
Keith Moreland is the owner, but the managers and staff are the biggest component of who is behind making the restaurants a success. We couldn't do anything without each and every one of them!


Why did he start The Half Pint and The Pint Room?
We had a passion for a chef-driven concept with a casual environment and wanted to incorporate the craft beer 'boom' as well. The Half Pint derived from The Pint Room's concept, which is essentially half of a Pint Room with half as much to offer, still providing the casual environment and a chef-driven menu.

What other locations do you have?
We have Pint Rooms located in Dublin; Carmel, Indiana; and Littleton, Colorado. We also have The Half Pints in Marysville, the Arena District, and soon to be Worthington! 


How do you generally describe The Half Pint to newcomers?
We are a little sister of The Pint Room. We have a focus on local craft beer and a chef-driven menu. We are a place where you can hang out with your friends, enjoy a date night, or bring your family, too. We strive to give great service, awesome food, and an even better dining/drinking experience.

What are some of the signature dishes and drinks of The Half Pint?
A few of our signatures are the PBBJ which is a burger with fresh strawberries, strawberry preserves, candied bacon, jack cheese, and peanut butter, of course! Another signature item is our Topless Salad, which is a salad with a burger patty on it. We complement the salad with four wedge-cut fries as well. Cheese Curds – I can't forget the curds! They are hand-battered and paired with our house-made sriracha ranch. We have a fresh cocktail menu that rotates seasonally – we always have a few Mules on the menu, but not just your basic Moscow Mule – Bourbon Mules, Blueberry Mules, etc. The beer speaks for itself when it comes to our 'features' in that aspect!


How many beers do you typically have on tap?
At this location we will carry 40 beers on tap. The other locations vary from 40 up to 175 (yes, you read that right!).

What’s unique about the Old Worthington location?
There isn't anything within walking distance that offers what we will be offering. Old Worthington is very similar to the type of community we as a company thrive on. I'd like everyone to know that we are ecstatic to come to such a welcoming area. We have already been welcomed with open arms and we haven't even opened our doors yet!

What's your target opening date?
We are shooting for the first full week of June.

Nicholas Dekker