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Create Your Own Candle at The Candle Lab

Thanks to The Candle Lab in Worthington, you can now add candle making to your bucket list. In fact, you can mix your favorite scents, pour your own candle, and then have the finished product delivered while you enjoy a glass of wine at House Wine next door.

At The Candle Lab, customers can either purchase pre-poured candles or belly up to the Fragrance Bar to blend their own. This unique experience makes it possible to customize your own scent. Love apple pie? Then you might mix apples, cinnamon and caramel, for instance. Prefer your lilac with an outdoor scent? Then combine it with the smell of summer lawn and dirt for a true out-of-the-garden version of this popular fragrance. The possibilities are endless—especially with 110 basic fragrances to choose from. If that seems a bit daunting, don’t worry. Expert fragrance consultants are there to help.

Husband-and-wife owners Steve and Katesha Weaver started The Candle Lab in Worthington six years ago. They have since expanded with three more stores in the area, including Powell, Grandview Heights and the Short North. The idea, which was born while the couple was dating, is based on a formula that includes mostly natural ingredients—natural soy wax, cotton paper wicks and pure fragrance oils—that stay true to their scent throughout the burning process.

“It all started with Katesha’s love of candles and my frustration at how much money she was spending and how poorly they seemed to burn,” Steve explained. “She bought a lot of candles, but they burned poorly, and they never smelled the same all the way down.”

Steve and Katesha built their business with customization in mind. “Scents are a personal thing,” Steve said. “The more we realized that we could let people customize their own scents, the better chance we had of matching their taste exactly.” The couple also eliminated any problems associated with color by making all the candles white. “It seemed like one more thing to limit the decision-making,” Steve said. “It keeps the wax as pure as possible, and it is not a design element.” That means you can burn a pumpkin-scented candle in your home—even if orange is not your color of choice.

The entire candle building process, which takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, is a fun, relaxing experience—and a favorite activity for local groups and visitors alike. From bus tours, to Moms Night Out, to kids’ birthday parties, everyone can participate in the candle parties. The natural soy wax, which burns at a very low temperature, eliminates the burn risk. And their special formula allows the wax to set in about an hour. That’s just enough time for a pedicure, dinner at a nearby restaurant—or that glass of wine I mentioned earlier.

For more information about The Candle Lab, go

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