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Austin Healey Owners to Meet at the Holiday Inn Worthington

Austin-Healey-carIn the days ahead, don't be surprised if you see a large number of British sports cars driving on the streets of Worthington. The Mid-Ohio Austin Healey Club will be hosting its 2013 Fall Roundup at the Holiday Inn Worthington on September 20, 21 and 22. The event will likely attract close to 70 of the famous sports cars to Worthington, along with about 120 to 150 attendees. Participants will travel to Central Ohio from six states and Canada, and they will represent about 11 chapters of the Austin Healey Club of


Local residents can get an up-close look at the popular automobiles during the Austin Healey Car Show on Saturday. That's when the owners clean up and shine their beautiful sports cars and show them off in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn. Later that same day, you'll likely see these same cars driving around the area when they participate in the Austin Healey Rallye. If you're not familiar with this popular activity, think scavenger hunt on wheels. Basically, drivers and their navigators set out with a set of directions and questions like: What color is the barn at 333 Main Street? The goal is to answer as many of the questions as possible, a task that can only be accomplished by driving around to the various locations. "It's not about winning," said Jerry Spurlock, club president and owner of a 1963 Austin Healey. "It's about going out and enjoying yourself in your car."

If this sounds like fun, but you don't know much--if anything--about Austin Healey, here's a short primer. Austin Healey was a British sports car manufacturer that formed as the result

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of a joint venture between automotive designer and engineer Donald Healey and the Austin division of the British Motor Corporation. The company made several different models of the sports car throughout the 1950s and 1960s until the joint venture dissolved in 1971. Today these cars are popular among collectors who are not only attracted to their beautiful design, but also think they're fun to drive.

Get a firsthand look at these sleek automobiles when they travel the streets of Worthington during the third weekend of September. For more details about this event, visit

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