RIDEhome: A new Worthington hotspot for bike and coffee lovers


10351102_308584939317691_1589555671732825299_nA one-stop shop for bikes and coffee? It's actually more common than you might think. When RIDEhome, the new bike shop in Old Worthington, opened its doors in April, owners Kris and Heidi Anderson were simply following a growing trend around the country. It seems that bikes and coffee are a regular pairing in places like Chicago and the West Coast. Now the people of Worthington can also enjoy the many benefits of this popular combo. "People want to fuel beforehand and relax after (they ride)," said Kris Anderson, Worthington resident and co-owner of the shop. Anderson grew up riding bikes and worked in bike shops from the age of 13 all the way through graduate school and law school. He likes to work on bikes and he likes to ride them, and now that passion has been passed on to a couple of his kids. He and Heidi, who are both graduates of Thomas Worthington High School, have four children, ages 26, 24, 21 and 15.

Apparently biking is not their only passion. Coffee is also high on the list, and they want people to hang out, drink good coffee and use the Wi-Fi at RIDEhome. "We don't serve a $1.50 cup of coffee. This is full-flavored, high-end coffee," Anderson explained. "We are a coffee bar—and not a shop—for a reason. It's a different experience, and we want people to come here when they want a really good cup of coffee."

Just six months into this new venture, the Andersons feel welcomed by the community. "I think we are being very well received," Anderson said. "We have created a welcome and warm environment."

RIDEhome's warm and welcoming environment can be attributed in part to its timber-frame interior, which came from the Mt. Vernon Barn Company. Owned by Anderson's friend, Doug Morgan, the Mt. Vernon Barn Company saves and brings new life to Ohio's most plentiful and overlooked historic structures, barns and early log houses. You will notice this influence the moment you walk through the door.

Anderson is well aware that biking in Columbus has grown in popularity over the years. Several things are contributing to the surge, from Pelotonia to the expansion of bike trails throughout the city. "The bike paths are a lot fuller at the commuting time of the day than they used to be 10 or 15 years ago," he said. "There is also an overall acceptance nationally."

Without a doubt, the growing popularity of both biking and coffee cannot be disputed. With that in mind, here's what Anderson wants people to know about RIDEhome: "We are a neighborhood bike shop focused on serving the needs of the Worthington community. We are interested in promoting a great cup of coffee and creating a place where people can hang out for a little bit."

Visit RIDEhome at 650 High Street in Worthington. For more information, call 614.468-1409 or "like" them on Facebook at RIDEhome.

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