PNC Arts Alive Worthington Sayama Arts Exchange: Just a Few Days Left

It's not too late to see the PNC Arts Alive Worthington Sayama Arts Exchange at the Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center. But with only about a week left, you will have to act now. Sister cities since 1999, Sayama, Japan and Worthington, Ohio share cultures that are deeply rooted in the arts. Since late October, visitors have been experiencing the work of more than 100 artists from both cultures at the McConnell Arts Center and at the Citizens Exchange Center/City Hall in Sayama. The last day to see the McConnell exhibit is January 6, 2013.

Members of the Worthington Area Art League (WAAL) shipped 56 pieces of art to Sayama

where they will have been hanging in two exhibits since November 25. Likewise, Sayama's two art organizations chose 54 pieces to showcase here in Worthington.

Along with Bill Westerman, immediate past president of WAAL, McConnell Arts Center Director Jon Cook traveled to Sayama to install the art work at the Citizens Exchange Center, which is part of a suburban Tokyo train station, and also at Sayama City Hall. "The community center is attached to a train and transportation center downtown," Cook said. "Every time somebody gets on or off a train, they see the work."

The entire exchange was made possible by a grant from PNC Bank, and it provides citizens in both cities an opportunity to view art from another cultural perspective. For more information, visit or