Pick Your Pizza Along High Street!

Dewey's Pizza

Dewey's Pizza

By Nicholas Dekker

Anywhere you look in Worthington you’ll find pizza shops slinging both classic and creative pies. Pizza is the perfect backdrop to enjoy some family time, sip on a pint of craft beer, catch some live music, or cheer on your favorite teams. Here are some Worthington pizza highlights just looking up and down High Street.

Pies & Pints
Pies & Pints offers the ideal pairing of pizza and craft beer. The specialty pies feature creative combinations like grape and gorgonzola, Sriracha shrimp, and steak and mushroom. They all pair nicely with a rotating selection of over 100 craft beers on draft and in bottles.

Villa Nova
You’ll know you’re close to Villa Nova when you can smell the warm pizza in the air. It’s a classic smell that has drawn multiple generations to dine on the menu of Italian favorites, including pizzas like the classic 7 Topping Deluxe or the taco pizza loaded with beef, refried beans, and taco sauce.

Villa Nova

Villa Nova

It’s hard to tell who’s having more fun at Dewey’s: the adults enjoying the selection of beer and wine, or the kids watching the pizza-makers fling dough into the air. Dewey’s appeals to the whole family with pizzas like the Edgar Allan Poe (mozzarella, fontina, mushrooms, garlic, olives, and goat cheese), the Bronx Bomber (mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and veggies), or the Ryan’s Inferno (buffalo chicken, gorgonzola, onion, celery, and ranch dressing).

Pizza Primo
Pizza Primo is a locally owned shop with two locations – one in Clintonville and one in Worthington – serving up classic pies. You can build your own pizzas, order combos like the Meat Lovers and the BBQ Chicken, or go for signatures like the Primo Classic or the Buffalo Chicken.

Jet’s in Old Worthington is known for their square pies with deep dish crusts. Choose from classics with meats and veggies, to the creative Philly Cheese Steak, Hawaiian, and BLT. You can even order customized crusts with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, romano, or Cajun seasonings. Watch for their lunch specials for two slices and a drink for $5. (Hint: ask for the pizza “well done” and they’ll leave it in the oven longer to brown the cheese a little more.)

*COMING SOON* (old Cosi location on Wilson Bridge Road) Blaze is one of many fast casual pizza concepts popping up around the city. Everyone prefers their pizza a little differently, right? Some like to pile on the veggies, some can’t get enough of the meats. Some love more cheese, some like to go heavy on the sauce. At Blaze, you line up and custom-make your own 11-inch pizza, which is quickly baked in quick 180 seconds.

Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza

Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza

Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza
Natalie’s is central Ohio’s only coal-fired pizza shop. They use clean-burning anthracite coal to heat the oven up to 1000 degrees, producing pizzas with a thin and crispy crust. The menu features a dozen pizzas plus a seasonal flavor, like the Venetian Jail with Italian sausage, mushrooms, ricotta, and goat cheese, or the Aurora Borealis with smoked bacon, asparagus, cheddar, and mozzarella. Natalie’s also hosts a stellar line-up of live music, so you can catch the latest jazz, blues, folk, rock, and Americana. They have a top notch selection of cocktails and beer, and just opened a not-so-secret speakeasy call The Light of 7 Matchsticks in the basement.

And those are just the highlights along High Street! Throughout the greater Worthington area and you’ll find hot spots like the old school Pizza House and new kids on the block Leone’s Pizza, to Amano’s Sports Bar (pizza buffet!), JT’s Pizza & Pub on West Dublin-Granville Road, Borgata Pizza Cafe coming soon to Linworth Crossing, and chains like Marco’s in Worthington Centre.

What's your favorite pizza in Worthington?

Nicholas Dekker is food/travel writer and culinary tour guide for Columbus Food Adventures. He writes about breakfast, beer, coffee, and more at breakfastwithnick.com.

Nicholas Dekker