Making Special Events--Special


Vance Andrews is The Worthington Inn's event planner extraordinaire.

Have you ever wondered what makes an event at The Worthington Inn so special? Well, there are several reasons, from great-tasting food and outstanding service to the nostalgia and charm of Olde Worthington. But there's also Vance Andrews, event planner extraordinaire. For the past 10 years, he's been in charge of event planning at the Inn, orchestrating everything from business meetings to weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. "Every event is important to us--from the smallest to the largest," Andrews said. "We go out of our way to make sure it looks beautiful, tastes wonderful, and the service is excellent."

Andrews is busy most of the year. The Worthington Inn hosts between 75 and 80 weddings in a 12-month period, and sometimes six in one weekend. Throughout December, which is the busiest month of the year at the Inn, Andrews might be coordinating eight or nine holiday parties in one day. It's no wonder he calls himself "the party guy."

The Worthington Inn has always been a popular place for wedding ceremonies and receptions, with a myriad of photo opportunities and the charm of Olde Worthington as a backdrop. But it's also easy, especially with Andrews in charge. "For a busy bride, all she has to do is meet with me and say, 'I would like to have the ceremony here, pink flowers, a trio for dancing, chocolate cake, or whatever--and we take it from there,'" he said. The Inn can accommodate cocktail receptions of up to 125 people and sit-down dinner receptions for 100.

Andrews is a big fan of the cocktail receptions. "People are up and active at a cocktail party," he said. "They're great fun. When you throw in a little combo, it's perfect." But it's hard not to love the sit-down dinners, with a rich, hearty menu that headlines the four-course event.

Still, weddings aren't the only special events at the Inn. Andrews plans a host of other special occasions

and corporate events. "There's a relationship you build with a social client that's a little bit different than with a business client," he said, adding that it's a much more personal level. "Those events become very personal. It's almost like it's my party."

Even after all these years, Andrews is quick to point out that The Worthington Inn stays relevant, and the food and service are exceptional. But the many thank-you notes he's saved over the years also indicate that he has plenty to do with why special events at the Inn are so special. "It's what you get when you come to a privately-owned business," he said. "People know they can call and tell me what they want, and I will make it happen."