It's Time to Picnic With the Partnership!

By Nicholas Dekker

I have fond memories as a kid of neighborhood block parties, the ones where they would close down the whole street and someone would line up a dozen banquet tables in a row and everyone would bring a dish to share. There would be games and – if it was a holiday – the fire department would roll in a truck and the kids would climb all over it.

That was the same feeling I got at Picnic With the Partnership last year. It took a road we all know – High Street – and transformed it into this great community party. It was a chance for us to gather at the central hub of the neighborhood to, well, just be neighbors.

If you’ve never been, just imagine a big neighborhood picnic. Except instead of all bringing casseroles, we’re being fed by local restaurants. If you’re coming to the Picnic, make sure you order a ticket ahead of time. You can simply reserve a seat at the table and bring you own food, or pre-order a meal from Whitney House, Worthington Inn, Harold’s, or Taste of Vietnam. Kid’s meals are also available!

Last year we ordered dinner from The Whitney House, and it was top-notch.

The new item this year is the D.O.R.A. (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) that will be in effect by the time of the Picnic. D.O.R.A. allows guests to purchase adult beverages at establishments around Old Worthington and walk around the district. A little sip and stroll, if you will. Previously, guests had to stay within the confines of the event, but this year Picnic With the Partnership can flex a little bit to involve the whole neighborhood!

The added bonus of this is… dessert! Because guests can stroll the district, that means they visit the shops up and down High Street. If you purchase dessert taste tickets ahead of time, you can wander around to designated shops to sample different sweet treats.

Get your tickets for Picnic With the Partnership (sooner than later!) here. Learn more about this fundraiser that benefits The Old Worthington Partnership here.

See you at the picnic!

Nicholas Dekker