Get to Know Bill Adams of Porch Growler


By Nicholas Dekker 

Porch Growler opened its doors at 890 High Street last September. Porch Growler is a beer bar offering 60 taps of beer, plus bottled selections, and a comfortable spot to enjoy them. We caught up with owner Bill Adams to learn more about his passion for beer and how he brought a new gathering place to Worthington.


Nick: How long have you had an interest in beer?
I took a genuine interest in the taste of beer in the mid 90s when the precursors to modern day 'craft' started. Being able to try pale ales and winter warmers that didn't taste like Bud Light appealed to me. It just exploded for me in the early- to mid-2000s as craft brewers took things to new heights, introducing ever more creative varietals. I started homebrewing five years ago, which only helped increase my interest and knowledge of craft beer.


Nick: What led to you starting Porch Growler?
I reached a point in my career where I was working 60+ hours per week, but didn't share a passion for what I was doing compared to my coworkers. I felt if I was going to work so hard, I should do something I sincerely enjoy, not just something I could do well. My epiphany came while visiting one of the many craft tasting rooms that have popped up in town. I realized then what I could do to tie together passion and hard work, and the idea for Porch Growler was formed.

Nick: Do you have any personal favorite breweries or styles?
These days, I tend to gravitate towards anything imperial (a term that generally indicated an elevated stacking of ingredients to reach an enhanced flavor profile), especially IPAs and stouts. They carry a higher ABV, so I find I drink less than before, to keep myself out of trouble. ;-) I'll refrain from attempting to narrow down the list of great breweries I enjoy (just too many to name).

Nick: How did you find the location?
I spent 10 months searching for the right location. I wanted density, walkability, and accessibility. Our location in Old Worthington easily checked all these boxes and more. I'm thrilled with the neighborhood... and neighbors!

Nick: What's the response been in your first few months?
The locals have been simply tremendous. They seek me out with a handshake and a heart-felt 'thank you' for bringing this concept to Worthington. The Chamber and area businesses (including Pizza Primo and Mrs. Goodman's Bakery) have been very supportive as well. I am humbled by everyone's support and encouragement.

Nick: What are your plans for the future of Porch Growler?
We're excited to share a few new additions heading into 2019. We're starting sales of spirits (focusing on bourbon to start) and will have periodic 'small batch' educational tastings in our event room to support that aspect of the business. We also will be starting a Trivia Night on Tuesdays starting in late January. Lastly (for now), we look forward to establishing ourselves as a MASSIVE Columbus Crew backer bar for the upcoming season starting in March. Go Crew! 

Nick: Are you from Worthington originally?
I'm originally from Ocean City, New Jersey, and moved to central Ohio in elementary school. My family moved to the Worthington Hills neighborhood six years ago and we've loved the inclusive nature of the local community. We couldn't image living anywhere else.

Visit Bill and his team at Porch Growler, 890 High Street in Old Worthington. See tap lists, upcoming events, directions, and more details at

Nicholas Dekker